Angkor Driver Guide

Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Tonle Sab Lake
  • Bayon Temple
  • Angkor Wat Temple

Itineraries And Costs

Possible itineraries and costs (for visitors to Siem Reap who have between 1 and 5 days to explore Angkor Wat and the surrounding Angkor temples and attractions). Of course, you can just do a tour for one day - choose what interests you most. Or do Tour 1 first, if you enjoy it (you will) do some more...
Tour 1: After your breakfast I’ll meet you at your accommodation and we will drive to the Angkor ticket office and then I and will take you to visit the South Gate of Angkor Thom, the Bayon complex, the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King. We’ll visit Baphoun and Phimean Akas temples also. Then onwards to see the famous Ta Prohm temple (also known as the Tomb Raider Temple, with huge trees growing over ancient temple walls). After a busy few hours in the morning we’ll have lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon we’ll visit the world famous Angkor Wat temple. It really is amazing! Explore the temple at your own pace. Then it’s back to your hotel, guesthouse or hostel. [COST: $15 for 1 person, also $15 for 2 people]. This tour normally starts around 8.30am and will finish in the afternoon. If you want an earlier start or later finish to see sunrise or sunset, this can be done for an extra $5.
Tour 2: Starting around 8.30am we will drive to one of the unique, further away temples (about 37km from Siem Reap town) called Banteay Srei (made of soft pink sandstone), followed by the Cambodian Landmine museum (for an insight into some more modern-day Cambodian history) and then the Angkor temple of Banteay Samre. Time for a break and lunch at a local restaurant.  After that, time to explore the temples of the Big Circuit: Preak Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon and Pre Rup temples. Then back to your accommodation. [COST: $30 for 1 or 2 people. Landmine Museum entrance is not included, can be skipped for extra time at temples. If you want an earlier start or later finish to see sunrise or sunset, this can be done for an extra $5. If you want to see Kbal Spean that can be added on to today’s schedule for an extra $10.]

Tour 3: Starting around 8:30am we will set off to explore the Rolous Group; Lolei, Preak Ko and Bakong temples. Then back to Siem Reap for lunch. By now you may start to be getting “templed-out”, so we’ll do something a bit different in the afternoon - taking a trip to the Floating Village at Kompung Pluk on the Great Lake of Cambodia to see people, schools, hospitals, communities, fish and crocodile farms, workshops and more – a glimpse at authentic modern-day Cambodia basically . [COST: $20 for 1 or 2 people].

Tour 4: Tour to Beng Mealea: this is a spectacular jungle temple around 60km drive to the north-east of Siem Reap (it takes about 90 minutes to get there). It is one of the "new" highlights of Cambodia; having only been cleared of mines at the end of 2003. Built by Jayarvaman VII; in the style of Angkor Wat; its scale is huge; being well over one square kilometre within its moat. Approached by a four causeways; Beng Mealea appears to be a huge pile of rubble partially hidden in the trees. Once you get closer the high walls, the ancient Khmer architecture reveals itself. Cloaked in vegetation and with few concessions to tourism; this temple looks like it would have done when the early French explorers found it. [Here’s a nice Beng Mealea video to give you an idea of what to expect]. As it is on-route, you could also see the either the Floating Village OR the Rolous Group (see Tour 3 description above) if you haven’t already been there [COST: $40 for tuk tuk or $65 by car or $70 by minivan].

Tour 5 (NEW): A new car tour to the 125km far away Koh Ker group plus Beng Mealea (see Tour 4 above) is possible by car or minivan for $120 return. Entrance fees, meals and tour guide are not included. Contact me for more details about this new trip if you are interested.

The above are just example itineraries and can easily be changed to suit your interests and needs – just let me know what you want to do – it’s your holiday after all. Not everyone can do 3 or 4 days, so if you just have time for one day, that’s also okay, just tell me what you what you want too see! [Note: if you are in a bigger group, I can also organise taxi or van transport, or multiple tuk-tuks!].


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